Old(ish) School Fail

by on Sep.22, 2011, under Zevia

During the days when Naxx 25 was the hardest content available in early WotLK, I was guildless. I happened to play frequently with a guild called ASM, however, as a fill-in priest since they were always short healers.

Over a few days, I started recording Vent and paring down the 4 hours of audio into 3 or 4 minute clips of funny things from throughout the night. The most popular one was a night where the raid leader, Vanek, had a hell of a time trying to nail down the healer assignments on Patchwerk.

Once we all had a good laugh about it, I eventually took it off my profile, but Vanek hounded me for months to put it back up – however, the file was on my laptop, which was back in Washington.

Well, I just got back from Seattle and while I was up there, I grabbed the raw audio and reconstructed the healing assignments just for him. So for your amusement, please laugh at my old raid leader:

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